Recent changes to this wiki:

less graphics, cleaner text
clean up format
eliminate broken link to outdated CV
reduce the set of photos to the one I like, add explicit photo license
try again
markdown confused me, sometimes .. maybe I need explicit paragraph tags?
fix think-o
more hacking on the text
publish Meh-ga Nuke page
update Meh page
more quotes
grammar improvement
syntax fix?
creating index page bdale/talks/2018/debconf
creating index page bdale/talks/2018
an actual blog post!
as given at Debconf in Taiwan
add a new one from Ne-Yo
preparing to cast my first propellant of 2018
update home page a bit
add launch mass I found number for on a scrap of paper...
use thor to post photos for corporate colors, as a test
fix fuel reference
update bio
need the referenced files, too!
update index
capture grain batch numbers
some mass data
more index updates
index entries for tests
add sim data for 75mm motor
capturing at least the skeleton of research motor test burn data this month
updated index
more propellant!
more text
add CorporateColors to airframes
more info about our second batch of igniters
helps if I update both required places when doing a cut'n'paste...
update index too
more info about flights at MHM
update test files with simulation plots, etc
add proposed flight "test" files to index
capture grain masses from batch 4, skeleton files for tomorrow's flights
actually fix indents
fix indented list?
more blank grains
fix wrong index entry
new stuff
update index, too
another batch
don't need liner length in two places
move simulation results up before Results heading
clean up some file details
grain masses not known yet
add index entry
29mm KNER batch
test results from Hartsel launch
first attempt at making igniters
helps if we point to the right file for web delivery... html, not mdwn!
document first research propellant work in 2017
update K's bio
creating tag page tags/tags/freedom
copy of my post on FB earlier today for a broader audience
fix the one that's actually visible
update my short bio, delete some half-started museum pages no longer relevant
creating index page bdale/talks/2016/
as presented at FSL 2016
a few other index cleanups
update to reflect retirement v2.0
creating tag page tags/tags/hpe
what is says
announce ChaosKey is available
no longer on SPI board
no longer on SPI board
creating index page bdale/talks/2016/debconf
draft of presentation materials for SPI BOF at Debconf16
creating index page cars/stalker-mx5
creating index page cars
capture another quote I reiterated earlier today
start documenting the kit car project
creating index page bdale/talks/2016/lca
creating index page bdale/talks/2016
point directly at odp file
notes about whole house audio talk, pointers to video and presentation deck
LCA 2016 talk, as presented
lose bold title
typo fix
blog about departure from TC
go ahead and update for impending departure from the Debian TC
update bio pointer to use new HPE version
pointer to cool build site
update to reflect change from 5e3 to two-stroke as base amp design
fix typos .. thanks dad!