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update K's bio
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copy of my post on FB earlier today for a broader audience
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update my short bio, delete some half-started museum pages no longer relevant
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as presented at FSL 2016
a few other index cleanups
update to reflect retirement v2.0
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what is says
announce ChaosKey is available
no longer on SPI board
no longer on SPI board
creating index page bdale/talks/2016/debconf
draft of presentation materials for SPI BOF at Debconf16
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creating index page cars
capture another quote I reiterated earlier today
start documenting the kit car project
creating index page bdale/talks/2016/lca
creating index page bdale/talks/2016
point directly at odp file
notes about whole house audio talk, pointers to video and presentation deck
LCA 2016 talk, as presented
lose bold title
typo fix
blog about departure from TC
go ahead and update for impending departure from the Debian TC
update bio pointer to use new HPE version
pointer to cool build site
update to reflect change from 5e3 to two-stroke as base amp design
fix typos .. thanks dad!
add a link to the fenderguru 5e3 page
add more details
creating index page music/guitars/amp-5E3
document thoughts about an amplfier project
add as-built design files for guitar body
more data from notepad used in Argonia
initial data on test 11 added
more research propellant batches recorded
more photo links
add NAR Jr L1 too
add info about Robert's Tripoli status
update text to have tenses make more sense, etc
more tests
add flight stats
a few more details
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more text
the graphics
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more EX work
another test
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starting research motor log!
various updates
add openrocket file
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new airframe project
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try a table
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creating index page music/guitars
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creating index page music
guitar build project beginnings
slides used for LCA Q&A session opening
add another interesting quote
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move whole house audio to a subdirectory
fix markdown silliness
another journal entry
timing felt weird
fix formatting funny .. markdown, sigh
final inspection passed