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fix a link
updated track car description
another funny spotted on FB
another fun quote stumbled over on FB, of all places
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the guitarbody stl file is just broken, remove it
update a few details
creating index page rockets/airframes/AltusARCAS
update my personal apogee record
add Altus ARCAS to the airframes list
ugly typo
add a profound quote from Jon Meacham heard on Morning Joe today
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add another quote
eliminate more or les duplicate paragraph on rocketry
clean up a couple more broken links
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document failed KNER batch
document inclusion of TeleGPS in Meh nose cone bay
document second flight of Meh-ga Nuke
another *brilliant* quote from one of my ancestors...
make the OR files a list
text improvement
fix think-o
markdown annoys me sometimes
improve text, link to Tender Descender L3
document plans for V2 rebuild
add text about max motor size
add more text to V2 page
minor text tweak
add V-2 to the index
creating index page rockets/airframes/V2-8
start documenting V-2 build
pointers to the laser module I bought and why
fix csm84vacuum link
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more text on csm84 page
creating index page pcb/paste
creating index page pcb/oven
creating index page pcb/laser
creating index page pcb
creating index page pcb/csm84
star the process of documenting the GaG PCB assembly line
add QCWA membership
too many also
fix a typo
a few more home page fixes, and a general but incomplete update to rocket page
don't need rocket stuff in two places
update my home page a bit
blog about 25 years maintaingin gzip, et al
creating index page bdale/talks/2020
NUUG talk 2020.11.10
document EasyMotor test flight at Hudson Ranch
document 2 flights at Kloudbuster October Fun Fly
update links
add info about cato flight at Airfest
move batch file to use batch date like 2019 batches did
add 2020 batch to index
KNSB M for Airfest - CATO
fix link to HP Fellow bio
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another typo
another typo
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more text
fix typo
change header
creating tag page tags/tags/photography
blog about photo creation time madness
preliminary data for new KNSB+RIO fuel batch for test burns
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
another notable quote
new public key
add new board position
lose the AP-specific cruft in latest batch skeleton
add test file skeleton for 11-grain KNSB cato, add new KNSB batch
restore accidentally-overwritten copy of Jan 8th batch data
capture skeletal data from latest tests
record grain measurements from 16-grain Everyclear batch
capture data on 21 May propellant batch
add post-flight masses, etc, to 2019-test-2
initial skeleton of log for first flight using APCP grains I cast myself
add new test to the index
add write-up of my first APCP test stand burn
updated data after post-processing my first two APCP batches, Everclear
more stuffs
add latest batches to index
new knsb batches
less graphics, cleaner text
clean up format
eliminate broken link to outdated CV
reduce the set of photos to the one I like, add explicit photo license