Biographical Information

From time to time I get asked for biographical information and/or photographs for use on conference web pages, print media, and so forth. I've created this page to gather suitable bits in one place to make this process easier.

Resume / CV

  • A brief bio, suitable for use on web sites and in flyers for events where I have agreed to speak.
  • A more data-oriented but out-of-date Curriculum Vitae


This photo was taken in October 2007 at one of my favorite restaurants of all time...

  • right

These are casual photographs, taken outdoors in Colorado in October of 2003, and the raw frames are 1800x1200 pixels. Click on the thumbnail to retrieve the full size original. Note that I rotated the thumbnails but left the full size images "sideways" just as they came from the camera.

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  • center
  • left

This is a cropped portion of a photograph taken in Brisbane at Linux Conf Australia 2002. It's what many conference organizers chose for their web sites during 2003, since most of my talks that year were about Debian and this is so far the best picture of me "with a swirl on". Feel free to use this if it seems appropriate. Unfortunately, the "thumbnail" is full size on this one.