1/2-scale AIM-120 AMRAAM


A couple of years ago, Rocketry Warehouse had an introductory offer for the Performance 3.5 inch, 1/2 scale AMRAAM kit as part of their Black Friday sale. I couldn't resist. I generally prefer to design and build my own airframes, but my son was working on a custom build of a 1/3-scale Maverick missile, and I thought it would be fun to embark on a scale missile project in parallel.

A neat feature of this kit design is that the strake fins are mounted through the wall of both a piece of airframe tubing and a longer piece of coupler tubing to a 54mm inner tube. This makes for a very stout airframe (often a problem with AMRAAM builds), and provides a mid-airframe electronics bay that's 54mm diameter and 15 inches long! Just perfect for our Altus Metrum flight computers with radio downlink antennas.

Design Details


I chose the MegaMetrum for this design, even though it's overkill in many ways, both because I needed more test flights on MegaMetrum prototypes, and because I'm really curious to see if we can measure spin rate on this crazy 8-finned airframe using the gyros...


Built starting in mid-March of 2013.


I've put all the build photos together in one place.


The intended first flight of this AMRAAM will be at the NAR 2013 National Sport Launch.