Horizon Rebuild

This is an improved redesign and rebuild of Bdale's first high power airframe.


The airframe that earned Bdale his L1 and L2 certifications was severely damaged after the nylon strap portion of the recovery harness failed at altitude during a flight at the NCR North launch site. The nose cone, payload bay, and parachute were recovered on the day. The fin can turned up later in the weekend after Bdale had to leave, and was returned a few weeks later. Only the nose cone, fins, and rail buttons from the original airframe survive in this rebuild.

This rebuild is configured with a 54mm motor mount and electronics bay capable of dual deployment with redundant electronics.

Design Details

  • 98mm Giant Leap DynaWind air frame
  • 54mm Giant Leap phenolic motor mount
  • 1/8 inch G10 fins, recycled from Horizon
  • 3/8 inch birch plywood centering rings and bulkheads