Since October of 2002, HP has sponsored a "corporate subscription" to LWN on behalf of Debian, and I recently renewed the subscription through April of 2011. As of this moment, 571 Debian Developers and Debian Maintainers are enabled to take advantage of this subscription.

From discussion on IRC this morning, I gather one recent change hasn't been adequately communicated: I now allow Debian Maintainers to access the subscription. The process remains unchanged:

If you are a Debian Developer or Debian Maintainer and want full LWN access at HP's expense, just go to and create an account for yourself (no money is required to create a user account). Then, send email to 

containing your LWN account name. Sign this email with your key on the appropriate Debian keyring. Then, exercise patience. Eventually, I will process your request, and add you to the "Debian Project group" and send you an email acknowledgement.

Likewise, if you retire from being a DD or DM, please let me know at the same address so that I can take you off the Debian subscription.

I believe I've caught up on all pending requests, but sometimes things get mis-filed, so if you're still waiting and I haven't replied, please re-send your request.