I just uploaded makedev version 2.3.1-89, the most significant change of which is a move from Debian package priority 'required' to priority 'extra'. I've also filed a suitable bug against ftp.debian.org asking the ftp-masters to do the required bit on their end.

This change was largely motivated by bug #522048, which pointed out that in an era of reliable udev, most Linux users should no longer care about the presence of MAKEDEV. The Debian packaging of the Hurd apparently uses it's own MAKEDEV script, and I understand this change is a non-issue for the BSD porters in Debian as well. Since the makedev package is not marked 'essential', and the package documentation and Debian policy encourage conditional use of the MAKEDEV script, there should be no package changes required as a result of this demotion in priority.

If anyone experiences any undue pain as a result of this change, please let me know.