During the key signing at LCA 2005, I promised to sign all the keys from that event before I left Australia... and I actually got it done... at 05:30 on the morning of our departure! And since then, I've been doing a good job of signing keys as I trade credentials.

The problem is that I have several zip-loc bags full of key credentials covering the time period from the 2003 edition of LCA until the start of the 2005 edition. I'm not quite sure why, but tonight I got the itch to get on with signing them... so some of you are likely to already be surprised, or be surprised soon, to find signed keys in your inbox. Patience may still be required, though, as it's going to take a while to get completely caught up!

Enjoy... and if you have credentials for me that you haven't acted on, how about joining me in getting caught up! Thanks to nudging from Enrico Zini, my current favorite tool of choice for key signing is caff. Much easier for everyone involved than cabot, and accomplishes about the same objectives.