Contratulations to Bob Finch and Nathan Dalrymple for becoming our first customers to fly a rocket using a TeleMetrum board last Saturday! The rocket was Nathan's stretched BSD Horizon flying on a CTI Pro29 6xl 305-H226-14A Skidmark motor as shown in this launch photo.

I met both Bob and Nathan at the monthly club launch run by the Albuquerque Rocket Society at the same site in Rio Rancho, NM, earlier this year. That was the day I flew my first test flight with on-board GPS. They got excited about what they saw, and became two of our first customers for production boards.

Other than some rough edges with our first-generation ground software, Bob reported that everything worked as expected, and the GPS location received in the downlink got them to within about 10 feet of where the rocket set down.

In communicating their success to us on IRC, Bob said "MANY thanks to you guys, not only for the product but also for all the help getting me to the point of being able to use it !!". The pleasure is all ours, though, because after Bob asked us lots of new-user questions online, he wrote up his notes for us as "documentation for mere mortals" that will soon form the basis of a "getting started" section in our user manual.

Pretty cool stuff!