Quite some time back, I wrote about my disappointment that Ampad had ceased manufacturing their Quad Ruled Steno Books, which I use to make notes to myself on just about everything.

Several of my friends in Europe responded that similar pads in A5 size were commonly available in retail stores, and I quite happily bought a few on a trip to Germany. Then, one of my colleagues at work had some nice notebooks made up for a customer event with grid paper and suitable logos on the cover that I grabbed a few of and have used quite happily.

Sometime in the intervening years, Ampad started producing these pads again, but with a different product number, 42036. I stumbled over some at a local office supply store and bought a big pile... others have noticed too, and sent me email about it, which is why I'm taking the time to write this...

Yes, I'm much happier now!