Altus Metrum is pleased to announce our first-ever "Shiny Black Friday" event! We're combining a special, one-time discount on TeleMini products with a price reduction on TeleMetrum boards ... and a new product introduction!

For one day only, Friday, 23 November 2012, we are offering a special $50 discount on TeleMini Starter Kits (regular $225, now only $175!) and TeleMini boards (regular $125, now only $75!). This discount is available only for direct orders from our web site, see below. TeleMini is a baro-only recording dual deployment altimeter with radio telemetry and direction finding features. Learn more about TeleMini at

We are also pleased to announce that TeleMetrum is back in stock after a brief production delay. To celebrate, we are dropping the price of extra TeleMetrum boards from $350 to $325. Starter kits will continue to sell for $400. TeleMetrum is a dual-deploy altimeter with accel and baro sensors, GPS, and radio telemetry and direction finding features all on one board! Learn more about TeleMetrum at

Last, but certainly not least (unless we're talking size or mass!), we are proud to introduce a new product... MicroPeak! MicroPeak is a tiny board that provides highly accurate peak barometric altitude recording. About the size and weight of a US dime with battery ready to fly (18x14mm, 1.9 grams), this is the ideal altimeter for model rocket contests. MicroPeak is so easy to use that it's also the ideal altimeter for young people working on rocket related science fair projects, etc! MicroPeak sells for $50, learn more at

Find more information on all Altus Metrum products at The special Black Friday discount on TeleMini products is available only on orders placed through Bdale's web store at

Thank you for making 2012 such a great year for Altus Metrum, LLC. We're having fun, and look forward to introducing several exciting new products in the weeks and months ahead!