This afternoon, a box arrived from Advanced Circuits, containing 108 fully assembled TeleDongle boards!

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This is not only the first "intended for sale" build of hardware from the Altus Metrum family of projects, it's also the first time that I've ever sent out one of my board designs for someone else to assemble. I therefore approached the turn-on and test of the first board out of the box with more than a little trepidation... fortunately, for no reason!

I'm immensely pleased to report that TeleDongle serial number 100 turned on and works entirely as expected!

I celebrated by packaging it in a cool little Hammond translucent blue plastic box with a USB cable, yielding the first prototype of a fully packaged TeleDongle board such as we anticipate selling for use receiving data from rockets carrying TeleMetrum boards.

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We also intend to sell these boards as-is (flashed with default firmware and measured oscillator cal value) to folks who'd like a robust wireless link for their next microcontroller project, whether rocket-related or not. I will, of course, post something here when we're ready to start taking orders.

Now we just need the weather to cooperate long enough to log more test flights of TeleMetrum. The new version looks great so far, but I want a few more flights before I'll be confident enough to place an order with our assembler for a run of those too... Stay tuned!