Keith and I are pleased to announce the immediate availability of TeleGPS v1.0!

TeleGPS is our response to the many requests we've received for an easy-to-use tracking-only board that just provides GPS position information over radio. Combining the same uBlox Max 7Q GPS receiver used in TeleMega and TeleMetrum v2.0 with a 16mW transmitter yields a board that is 1.5 x 1.0 inches (38.1 x 25.4 mm).

As usual for our products, TeleGPS is designed for use under FCC Part 97 (ham radio) rules or equivalent authorization. In addition to the GPS receiver and UHF radio transmitter, TeleGPS includes on-board flash data storage and a micro USB connector for configuration, post-flight data download, and to power a LiPo battery charger.

TeleGPS works with our existing ground station products and/or any radio equipped with APRS support, and also emits audible radio direction finding beeps. While TeleGPS can be used with our existing AltosUI and AltosDroid ground station software, Keith is working on a simpler, dedicated application optimized for use with TeleGPS.

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All Altus Metrum products are completely open hardware and open source. The hardware design details and all source code are openly available for download, and advanced users are invited to join our developer community and help to enhance and extend the system. You can learn more about Altus Metrum products at

Thank you all for your continuing support of Altus Metrum, and we hope to see you on a flight line somewhere soon!