Last night, I stayed up late reworking the avionics bay in my Giant Leap Vertical Assault kit. This is the rocket I set my personal best altitude to date of 14,141 feet above ground level with. The Missile Works RRC2 mini will move to a lesser airframe to keep it below 10k feet AGL since it's an early unit with the supposedly-buggy early firmware. In its place, I've mounted a PerfectFlite MiniAlt/WD to handle primary deployment duties... and serial number 1 of TeleMetrum!

Meanwhile, Keith has completely rewritten the guts of the firmware in the last few days to eliminate FreeRTOS since it turns out to just be too heavy for our needs on this project. My board is now running a snapshot of his latest work, and in bench testing I've confirmed that it can do launch detect, log sensor data until the non-volatile memory chip is full, and dump the raw data over USB for analysis after a flight.

Weather has been an issue in Colorado recently, but as soon as we get a decent launch day (maybe as early as this weekend?), I'm looking forward to flying this rocket on one or all of the Cesaroni I205, I540, and J285 currently in my box to get some initial flight data recorded. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the storm front headed towards us clears out by the weekend!