The first production run of TeleMetrum boards arrived from our assembler today, and overall things are looking good!

Unfortunately, I specified the wrong value for a capacitor associated with the new and improved 150mA 3.3 volt regulator. The resulting symptom was interesting to debug... everything seemed to be fine except that the GPS chip wouldn't talk to us. After some investigation, it became clear that the 3.3 volt power supply was taking much longer to stabilize than it should... long enough that the power-on reset circuit was relaxing before the supply was stable! The cc1111 apparently handles this just fine, but the GPS chip doesn't. Since the new cap is optional, just removing it caused everything on the first test board to start working! The ultimate solution will probably be to both replace the new bypass capacitor with one of the correct value, and to swap out the cap in the reset circuit for a somewhat larger value to ensure we have plenty of margin in the reset circuit.

I now have 4 of the new boards completed, turned on, and passing initial tests. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to wrap up the rest of the required functional testing. I then need to focus my attention on a business trip all of next week... but if all keeps going well, we're very close to taking our first orders.

Stay tuned!