I'm pleased to announce that the new Garbee and Garbee web store offering products designed by the Altus Metrum community is now open for business!

Rocketry folks, please note that I refuse to sell anything that isn't in stock, so if you want TeleMetrum boards you'll have to wait a few more days. Keith and I just weren't happy with the GPS receiver performance using the patch antennas we selected for version 1.0, and I'm changing to a slightly better (and more expensive) antenna that we expect will make everyone happier. Parts are due by Friday, and so with any luck you should be able to buy TeleMetrum boards and starter kits early next week.

In the meantime, we have TeleDongle boards and other accessories in stock now and ready to ship. Last week, Steve Conklin became our first customer by showing so much enthusiasm for TeleDongle over snacks at a conference we all attended for work that we pointed him to the web store under construction and he has already posted an enthusiastic blog entry about his plans!

More as it happens!