Airframe Projects

We've built lots of rockets, not all of which are documented here. Many were kits, and we'd like to think we learned something building each of them. As time goes on, perhaps we'll get around to documenting more of them here. In the meantime, these are a few of the projects that mean the most to us:

Bdale's Designs

Level 3 Certification Projects

  • YikStik A custom rocket for NAR L3 certification. This rocket flew beautifully but a significant portion was lost and not recovered. Feel free to look through my collection of photos from the build and flight.

  • Goblin 10 A second airframe for NAR L3 certification, this time based on a Polecat Aerospace kit and capable of flying at more launch sites in Colorado. Flew on 15 November 2008 at the SCORE Hudson Ranch launch site on an Aerotech M1297W to 5953 feet AGL for a successful level 3 certification! See photos by James Russell and a Jeff Lane video of the flight! You can also have a look at my photos of the build and flight from various contributors.

    To fly some screaming flying monkey dolls, the airframe was extended with a 12-inch-long "monkey bay". That flight led to a pair of videos, Woot Monkeys in Space and Woot Monkeys in Space - Update! All very amusing!


Robert's Designs

  • Lil Nuke Robert's first high-power-capable kit.

  • RG-1 54mm airframe with 29mm motor mount and electronic deployment.

  • RG-2 38mm airframe with 29mm motor mount and electronic deployment.

  • Maverick 1/3-scale scratch-build of a Maverick missile with 38mm motor mount and apogee-only electronic deployment.